Tuesday, July 5, 2016

American Golden Oak Wood Barrel

I have never felt so classy in my entire life! I currently have my barrel filled with Johnnie Walker Black Label (even though it's been aged 12 years already) simply because it's just so cool to be able to offer guests a bit of whiskey right out of this tiny barrel. The barrel is well crafted and feels rather solid all around. Nothing is loose or wobbly and I haven't seen a single leak so I can vouch for how well it functions!

There are really only two things I would like to see altered in future releases. The first is some way to fasten the stand to the barrel. Don't get me wrong, this set up is largely secure once you have the barrel filled, but accidents do happen and they could be mitigated by some form of clip or something else that would fasten the stand to the barrel. The other alteration I'd like to see is the inclusion of some form of funnel. After I got this in the mail, I had to turn to the store and buy a little funnel because I didn't want to risk spilling my whiskey. Neither of these are a big problem and don't warrant a reduction in my rating of the product.

Overall, this is a really cool way to store/age your alcohol and it will definitely be a conversation piece when your guests see it. It is well crafted, it looks neat, and it performs its function well!

Although I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own and reflect my personal experience with this product. Feel free to ask me questions about this review and I'll respond within 24 hours.

Rated: 5/5
Find it here: https://goo.gl/bq7RGZ