Monday, June 27, 2016

NuBryte Touchpoint All-in-One Smart Home Console

My apologies for my son and dog along with any shakiness of the video!
A couple of questions to ask yourself before you buy this product:

1. Do I need to have any other smart-home devices to make this useful to me?
- No, but additional NuBryte terminals will increase the capability of this and I think they are integrating Z-Wave devices soon.
2. Do I need an electrician to set this up?
- No, if you're comfortable replacing a light switch on your wall, you'll be able to handle this.
3. How long will it take to set up?
- I pulled my light switch and swapped for this one in about five minutes.
Alright, so like I said before you don't need any sort of smart home device to make this useful. All you need is a light switch you want to replace (as it will control the light just like your old switch but on steroids) and the app then you're off to a good start. You'll also need to decide if you're replacing a single or dual switch as there is a model to do each.
This is a really cool product for a variety of reasons, most of which I think I outline in my video. First and foremost, it's obviously a light switch. You tap the screen and press the on-screen button and you can turn your light on or off. If you have a dimmable bulb, this can accommodate that.
Also, make sure you get the app so you can control your NuBryte system while you're away. Not only can you control the light by turning it on or off in the app, you can also enable or disable the built-in alarm and see a live video stream if the alarm system is going off. You also get an app notification if anything actually trips the alarm.
The alarm portion is easy to set up and seems similar to your typical big boy alarm system in that you get a 30/60/90 second window to activate the alarm and leave the house. The same is true for deactivation. But like I mentioned before, if you forget to do this at the terminal you an always enable/disable from the app. The alarm is rather loud but I don't think anyone outside of your home would hear it. Fortunately, it also flashes the light so your neighbors may see a visual distress signal should an emergency really happen.
Other cool features that I highlight in my video include a built in weather app that gives you detailed enough information about the current indoor and outdoor state. You also have an awesome intercom feature (that I'm not able to try with just the one terminal) that can work between all terminals in the home. This is also true with controlling all lights that are connected as well.
Overall, this is a really cool way to get your feet wet with home automation and is incredibly simple to use and very intuitive. If you own a smartphone, you can work this unit easily. All the features allow for a robust package that has great current features and possible future additions!
Rated: 5/5
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