Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Being a Captain is Hard Work by Carole Roman

On my first read through, I honestly felt like this was a four out of five for one reason only: it seemed too long for a kid's book. Considering that I was reading it to my four year old and being asked "is it over?" more than once, I didn't feel that was a good sign. However, we kept on going through and when we read it now, he doesn't ask at all. I think he is starting to remember the details of the story and so he's better equipped to be in it for the long haul.

The story and illustrations are both incredibly good! Captain No Beard and his crew find themselves in a few different predicaments that don't exactly go as smoothly as they could. Captain No Beard tends to do what he wants against the suggestion of his crew and this helps to show kids hows decisions have consequences. It also helps to show them that it's important to listen to those around you and to take the suggestions of others into consideration. The illustrations are beautiful and they really remind of books I read when I was a kid so it sort of delivers a warm and fuzzy feeling for me as well!

Overall, this book is really good and helps to deliver some really good life lessons that kids can look back on their entire lives. The great story and the beautiful artwork really help to paint a comprehensive picture that will allow kids to connect and get lost in the pages. Even though the first time through was difficult to keep my son's attention, each subsequent read hasn't been a problem!

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Rated: 5/5
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