Friday, May 6, 2016

FAVI FE02RF-BL Mini 2.4GHz Wireless PC / Tablet Keyboard Designed for SmartStick

This is a very welcome replacement for the standard SmartStick remote. The original SmartStick remote is very basic and has very little options for you to utilize. This one is the complete opposite. When I recorded my video, I hadn't tried it on my Windows 10 PC, but I have since and it works! I simply plugged the USB dongle into a free USB port, and boom...remote worked! This would be really nice for presenting as you have full control and a laser pointer right in your hands.

As far as how well it works for the SmartStick interface, this is again much nicer than the standard remote. I can use the touchpad interface to navigate around much more simply (especially on menus that have a lot of options which mean a lot of arrow key pressing to get where you want) in almost any app. Another great feature about this keyboard is the backlighting. I'll tell you what, trying to find the right button on this remote without the backlighting is a nightmare. I'm incredibly happy they included that feature.

Overall, this remote has made navigating around in the SmartStick ecosystem much more convenient. The touchpad allows for PC style navigation and the backlighting of the keyboard facilitates simple night time usage. Even as a backup PC mouse/keyboard, this will definitely work in a pinch!

Rated: 5/5
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