Thursday, December 10, 2015

Xtreme Canteen - Boasts the ability to keep hot liquids hot for 12 hours.

Can the Xtreme Canteen really keep liquids hot for 12 hours? I put near boiling water inside, sealed the lid, and let it sit on my desk at work for 8 hours. I drove home (about an hour total) and let it sit on my kitchen table for 3 more hours. I opened it up, and steam was STILL coming out. It lives up to the hype and leads me to believe the claim that it will keep cold liquids cold for 24 hours. Hunters should have this with them on those really cold mornings. Or if you go hiking you could attach the loop at the top onto your backpack and off you go.

My dad always had Stanley mugs and thermoses so I followed in his foot steps and always gravitated toward them myself. I'll be honest, I've never had a problem with them and they've always been very reliable and durable. However, I always thought they were sort of heavy and bulky. After using this canteen, I can definitely back that up. This is so much lighter than the Stanley counterparts and feels just as durable. Not trying to bash Stanley at all, I'm not running home and throwing all my current mugs and thermoses in the dumpster, just my observations with this.

The black color on this canteen is deep! I feel like I'm looking into a deep abyss, it's that good. It doesn't look like a cheap spray on coat either. Overall, I'm entirely impressed with how well made this canteen is. But I'm even more impressed by how well it functions, because that's what really matters here. Although I received this product in exchange for an honest review, all opinions expressed are my own and reflect my personal experience with this product. Feel free to ask me questions about this product and I'll respond within 24 hours. I hope my opinions help to enhance your purchasing experience!